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20th November 2015

Together to Succeed Alliance Extraordinary Board Meeting

Present: Mark Tilling, John Hardy, Amanda Baines, Mike Cooney, Julie Deville, Andrew Brown, Lynne Pawley, Julie Thomas, Linda Ward, Julie Plaice

Received from Mark Patton, Kath Mullins, Leanne Todd and Laura O’Neill.


2nd July

Minutes of 17th September were not prepared although from notes:

6th November


a) Finance and Funding of Roles

This item was discussed and will remain confidential. 

b) National / Local Updates



c) System led school improvements 

SLE Deployment

No deployment formally but Leanne updated SLE – The Hartlepool Offer.  6 new SLE’s 3 primary and 3 secondary.  All on website also.  Great job of collating document.  Meeting 2nd December bringing all SLE’s together to go to Headteacher meeting in January to introduce everyone.  8.15-8.45am as quick introduction as most of these teach in their schools.  Secondaries talking about subject leads – should be SLE’s.  Science at HCS, Maths at ST. Hild’s, Hums is at Manor, English at EMS, Technology at Dyke House with named people leading, went out to Secondary HTs earlier this week. Recommendation that all should be SLE’s.  

No national windows for SLE’s now.  Need to request the number of SLE’s we want to designate.

Primary Updates

No update.

Secondary Update

Planned year out and Linda distributed 2015/16 CPD group calendar.  Subject Network is what Steph Bingham is running with meeting at Dyke House last night with very good representation.  Intention is to have another Teach Meet on 23rd June at Manor.  Programmes running, no-one paying for any of these programmes with secondaries running on good will.  Looking to have them  run by SLE’s in future with nominal fee being paid such as £50. 

Also looking at with Stephanie, Gill Alexander asked for entitlement for career progression.  Rationale and proposal distributed showing 5 levels from RQT to Effective Senior Leadership.  Putting together entitlement might be at each level showing national and regional provision.  Level 6 Executive Leadership is something expressed from ASCL  but not included in this proposal.  Have got ready for Secondary but needs rigour – meeting with Durham

University at the beginning of December.  Together to Succeed logo needs to be on as it is a joint venture between Linda/Steph Bingham.  Provision will be in place for September.  Across town have 8 staff secondary doing Aspiring Leaders and built in that they can go out for 2 days at least to do shadowing.

Forest School Update

Yurt in place now, meadow fantastic.  Beginning to get more schools using it and putting sessions on.  Evening for teachers to look at it and use equipment.  Sessions related to Christmas and turning yurt in to Santa’s Grotto to get people in.  Fantastic Manager who is creative.  Early language development with 2, 3 and 4 year olds is fantastic as a result of using this and independence.  Need to go and see how it being used.  Mr Grieve may see as a case study, benefit of it is going to be building resilience, vocabulary etc.  Trying to get people to buy SLA’s to use it.  Will get more details on website and schools using outside town.  LA have indicated that they would like to run courses there.  Amazing resource that needs to be used within the town.  Bear hunts take place with students desperate to use it.

d) ITT


PGCE full set gone out, 1 person withdrawn under advice. 


Links in secondary with Linda with Carmel and Durham – 5 Carmel but across town because of Dyke House Educate training will create a lot more.  Meeting next week.  Teach First 17 across Hartlepool.  Teach First Primary are looked after by their Headteachers  but can join ITT for first years.  Hartlepool is biggest authority for Teach First and we have reacted by Linda putting on some network meetings.   January closed for PE, April closed for English applications and  June closed for primary applications.  This model is quality over quantity. 

e) NQT

Primary programme is interesting.  Seem to like sessions where they can talk about their practice in class.  Undertook statutory  training as quick as could and then opened the sessions up with tons of suggested options to consider.  This works quite well, and is followed up by network meetings.  Issue is in terms of observations as when tracked shows they do improve therefore must mean what the school is doing is working.   This is good to show progress for audit purposes.  If you have an NQT and the HE institution or provider is inspected you will have the likelihood that Inspectors will see them in placement as they want to see from 3rd term to 1st term if they land as Outstanding. 

NQT programme for secondary have session every half term and asked for list of developmental needs with J Heath running Q&A session on particular focus they have asked for.  Lot of Teach First in school although no one named to pick them up.  Linda meeting Paul Green.  Linda will put on sessions every half term to meet their needs – one taking place on marking and feedback earlier this week.  Discuss here on regular basis, but will tag to twilights as mentioned earlier.

f) CPD Update

Conference – draft gone out to all HTs.  As income generator, some items are specific and some are generic therefore invite some that are on Mark’s noticeboard.  Andy to raise.  Can accommodate more, costings to be the same as Hartlepool schools.

g) TSA Bid for the EEF Research School

To be taken off agenda following the 5 day bid being successful.


Website: developed by Kris, not finished item.  Need photos, pen portraits and pictures and lots of articles that have happened in the past to give active website.  Appropriate photos with NQT, ITT and children that can be published to send.  This is a test site and is not live yet.  Very easy to navigate and administer.  Gives procedures and forms for SLE’s.    MTI to send link to all to identify what needs changing so feedback to Chris is co-ordinated.  Links to UCAS etc need to be on website. 

Minutes are not circulated to all partners.  Sensitive issues raised in terms of finance.  Have been requested by some partners for these minutes.  Asked that minutes are disseminated from today.  MTI to circulate and ensure people know which are the confidential set. 

Wanting to go live February at the Conference.


22nd January 2016.  MTI stressed importance of attendance

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