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6th November 2015

Together to Succeed Alliance Extraordinary Board Meeting

Present: Mark Tilling, Andrew Brown, Julie Thomas, Amanda Baines, Mark Patton

Apologies: Lynne Pawley, Mike Cooney John Hardy, Leanne Todd, Julie Deville, Laura O’Neil, Kath Mullen, Linda Ward

  1. Agenda Items

As there was only one agenda item the meeting took time to consider the options open to the Board in trying to establish a way forward in funding the roles that are currently being carried out by Linda Ward and Leanne Todd. Mark Patton placed on record the funding that the Local Authority had already put on table as one of the partners in the alliance and questioned what other partners were offering.

It was discussed at length that we as a board had previously discussed the options available to us to fund this role and some present understood the option to ask all schools in the alliance to contribute was a genuine way forward.

It was also raised that as a partner also in the alliance that the teaching school itself should be asked for a contribution towards the running costs of these roles as they are carrying our functions that link directly to the teaching school, such as:


a) Mark Tilling to speak to John Hardy regarding what the Teaching School can contribute.
b) Andy Brown to devise a form/letter to be sent to all alliance schools for a £500 contribution to the CPD/ITT role. This would be shared with all before it was sent out.
c) Mark Tilling to look into membership and funding of different Teaching School Alliances
d) Mark Patton to discuss with the LA Finance team the issues related to the Together to Succeed Board holding its own bank account
e) This item to be the first agenda item on 20th November 2015 board meeting.

Next meeting Thursday 20th November 2015, 8am at HTCS

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