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Gina Barnes

Head of English, English Martyrs RC Secondary School


I can offer support with:                                                 

 Age range: 11-18

I joined EMS in 2005 and have held a number of positions within the English/SEND Departments.

At the beginning of my career I implemented Key-stage 4 interventions and was tasked with ensuring that the tricky C/D borderline students were able to achieve; at this time I was also lead teacher for Media A level. I then moved to Key-stage 3 Co-ordinator, where I was responsible for the planning and implementation of the APP framework across the three year groups. After a short term as Second in Department, I moved to Head of the SEND Department for three years and from there to Head of English.

I can offer support to develop, plan and implement schemes of work and assessment for KS3/4/5 in English Language and Literature. I can offer support and guidance in terms of interventions and various techniques that can aid progress in English lessons and across the department. In KS4 I have marked for the exam boards and can share this experience as well as collaborate to develop assessment processes for new specifications. As a department we have excellent A/A* results at both GCSE and A Level, the foundation for which comes from our More Able and Talented provision and support.

In terms of SEND, I can offer support in intervention planning for success, raising attainment at KS4 and planning for life at KS5. I have been involved in delivering SEND whole school training and enjoy the challenge of changing mind-sets and expectations in relation to these key but vulnerable students. I have also been involved in TA training and believe this sometimes underused and undervalued asset can be invaluable to an effective SEND department.


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