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Julie Thomas

Headteacher at Brougham Primary. NLE

I became a teacher in 1995 at the age of 35. I have worked across all the Local Authorities that once made up Cleveland and with the exception of my probationary year I have worked in schools in areas of social deprivation. I was appointed Head Teacher of Brougham Primary in January 2010. The school embraced the opportunities that pupil premium funding brought and as a result we have been praised twice by Education Ministers for the progress that our pupils make. We have a commitment to a healthy work life balance and a belief in a duty of care to all the school community. As a result of our success I was able to apply for Local Leader of Education Status. I was a member of the Hartlepool Education Commission and Brougham Primary is currently involved in a Pupil Premium Project for Transforming Tees. We are also about to work with the Rowntree Trust.

I am a National Leader of Education and along with the school community have moved provision at Brougham to a point now where we are judged by the LA as ‘outstanding’.

I have used Pupil Premium to support a relentless quest to raise standards in our school which is in an area of significant deprivation. Curriculum redesign, CPD to develop pedagogy, an insistence of applied skills and good quality marking and feedback led to improved outcomes for all pupils and the gap between disadvantaged and other pupils closed in 2014 and is still better than national in 2015.

I have steadily increased the support that I and fellow staff give to other schools as part of our contribution to wider system leadership. This support ranges from bespoke sessions with individuals or groups of staff in other schools, to visits to Brougham to see excellent practice in operation, and arranging seminars and conferences with external speakers of renown at Brougham to which other schools in the LA and from our sub-region have been invited.

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